Six different Java decompilers, two Bytecode editors, a Java compiler,plugins, searching, supports loading from Classes, Jars, Android APKs and more.


* Easy to use yet extremely effective.
* Written to run on Java 7, supports Java 8.
* Compile Decompiled Java classes with Ranino Compiler.
* Quickly decompile classes using JD-Core.
* Easily edit APKs via Smali/Baksmali integration.
* Java Decompiling with Six different decompilers (DJ-GUI/Core, Procyon, CFR, Fernflower, Krakatau, and JADX-Core).
* Bytecode Decompiling with CFIDE.
* Android APK integrated with Dex2Jar.
* Securely launch Java applications and insert hooks via EZ-Injection.
* Scan for malicious code with the Malicious Code Scanner plugin.
* Export as DEX, Jar, Class, Zip or Java Source File.
* Open Android APKs, Android DEX, Java Class Files and Java Jars. (WAR & JSP Support!)
* Extensively configurable, over 100+ settings!
* Works seamlessly with all Operating Systems.
* Integrate BCV into Windows by installing it, it'll associate all .class, .dex and .apk to open with BCV.
* View Jar & APK Resources with ease by APKTool.jar integration.
* 100% free and open sourced under GPL v3 CopyLeft.
* Want a more in-depth article about BCV? Click here.

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